Theme: Exploring and interrelating food with health for better future

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Paris, France

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World Food Congress 2019

About Conference

EuroSciCon suggests every single person to attend "World Food Congress 2019” in the midst of October 30-31, 2019 at Paris, France which merges brief keynote introductions, speaker talks, Exhibitions, Symposia, Workshops.

World Food Congress 2019 will gather world-class educators, researchers, analysts, Food Technologists, Microbiologists, Agriculturists, Young Researchers working in the related fields to consider, exchange views and their experiences before an extensive worldwide social occasion of individuals. The gathering warmly welcomes Presidents, CEO's, Delegates and specialists from the sector of Food Science, Plants science and other pertinent organization positions to take an interest during this sessions, B2B get together and board talks. The assembly of this event is going to be revolving around the topic “Exploring and interrelating food with health for a better future “.

EuroSciCon is the longest running independent life science events company with a predominantly academic client base. Our multi-professional and multi-specialty approach creates a unique experience that cannot be found with a specialist society or commercially. EuroSciCon is corporate members of the following organizations: Royal Society of Biology, IBMS Company, and Rare Care UK.

This Food Congress gives the chance to Food Technologists, Microbiologists, Agriculturists, young researchers, specialists and analysts throughout the world to assemble and take in the most recent advances in the area of Food Science, Plants science and Nutrition to trade advances in the relative field.

•           2 days of scientific exchange

•           100+ abstracts submitted

•           20+ scientific sessions

•           50+ worldwide professionals

•           80+ healthcare experts

World Food Congress 2019 is the annual gathering directed with the help of the Organizing Committee Members and individuals from the Editorial Board of the supporting Food, Health, Nutrition, and Nutraceuticals related journals and is aimed toward serving to support care professionals for a healthy lifestyle.

Reason to attend?

All the experts around the globe gather to discuss the latest upcoming in the field of Food Science, Plants science and Nutrition. This is an appropriate platform to reach the largest gathering of participants from the Food Science, Plants science and Nutrition community. World Food Congress 2019 will focus on conducting Keynote & plenary presentations, networking with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new trends in the field of Food Science, Plants science and Nutrition and remark this 2-day event. Renowned speakers from all over the world, developments, and the newest updates in Food Science Plants science and Nutrition are the main hallmarks of the World Food Congress 2019.

About City:

Paris, France's capital is a vital European town and a global system for craftsmanship, style, gastronomy, and society. Its nineteenth-century cityscape is loaded up with wide paths and the River Seine. The city is renowned for its bistro way of life and creator boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Paris is the town of adoration, recommendation, work of art and style. It has occupants of in excess of 2million people and is isolated into 20 regions. Paris has many energizing design and galleries to give; among them, the well-known vacationer place to visit is the Eiffel Tower. A significant number of the acclaimed streets and town building districts structures wherein changed by utilizing Haussmann and Napoleon III (Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte).

Sessions & Tracks

Track-1: Food Microbiology

Microorganisms are often either harmful or helpful in food process techniques. Food biology is that the science which incorporates the incidence and significance of microorganism, fungi, protozoa, and protoctist. Food process involves the removal of unhealthful microorganisms from the food and conjointly the employment of microbes in fermentation for changing food to a different type. Engineering microbes for secreting vital enzymes in the food process is additionally being administrated in analysis areas. 

Track-2: Food Nanotechnology                                                               

Nanotechnology has control on food science by totally different suggests that from production until package. Nano-based mostly corporations are developing nanomaterial which will build a distinction within the style of food and conjointly within the food safety, and also the health advantages of food. Recent analysis has shown the helpful applications of engineering science for practical foods and nutraceuticals by creating use of the new ideas and engineering approaches concerned in nanomaterials to for targeted delivery of micronutrients. It enables higher encapsulation and unleashes potency of the active food ingredients compared to ancient encapsulating agents, and in addition, the event of Nano-emulsions, liposomes, micelles, biopolymer complexes, and cubosomes have led to improved properties for bioactive compounds protection, controlled delivery systems, food matrix integration, and masking the unwanted flavor.

Track-3: Food Innovations

The idea of food innovation has been tossed around food firms with growing regularity in recent years. Most of the time, the term “innovation” is related to new development, however, innovation will be applied equally well across company promoting, operations, quality assurance, food safety disciplines. No matter wherever innovation is applied, it forever yields true price to the businesses WHO embrace it properly and apply it to numerous division functions.

            Track-4: Food Immunology

The system of the body keeps you healthy by fighting off infections and different hazards to our health. An allergic reaction occurs once your system overreacts to a food or a substance in an exceeding food, identifying it as a danger and triggering a protective response. Symptoms of an allergic reaction will vary from gentle to severe. Just because associate initial reaction causes few issues don’t mean that everyone reactions are similar; a food that triggered solely gentle symptoms on one occasion could cause a lot of severe symptoms at another time.

Track-5: Food Chemistry

 Food chemistry is the study of action and interaction between the biological and non-biological elements gift within the food. It is almost like organic chemistry that involves carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, food additives, and flavor. It encompasses, however, food changes throughout process techniques and therefore the ways in which to stop it from happening. Food chemistry involves the study and development of food additives which will be wont to preserve the standard of food or to change its color, flavor, and taste. It is, thus, closely joined to food process and preparation techniques.

Track-6: Dairy Technology

Dairy Technology deals with the process of milk and its merchandise. This field involves the utilization of “Technology” to form the farm merchandise and process additional advanced, sophisticated and helpful. It is a vicinity of food technology that especially deals with the strategy, storage, packaging, distribution and transportation of the farm merchandise like milk, ice cream, curd, etc., by implying the science of organic chemistry, medical specialty, nutrition to the milk and milk merchandise.

Track-7: Enzymes in food

Enzymes are crucial to your health as they allow your body to interrupt down food elements into usable nutrients. Your intestines and exocrine gland manufacture a large kind of enzymes, and bound foods contain these useful constituents or contain a bacterium that manufactures them. Certain foods area unit high in enzymes, though they are countermined throughout digestion. While bound cultures eat high-enzyme foods for the perceived good thing about boosting digestion, there is not a lot of proof to indicate that enzymes facilitate. Several high-enzyme foods offer other benefits, though, so they're still worthwhile additions to your diet. Enzymes are also being used in food processing.

Track-8: Food Preservation

Food preservation is a technique used to prevent food from spoiling. It involves pasteurization, smoking, canning, and pickling, drying and freeze-drying, irradiation. It is a process of converting natural food to pathogens. Preservation ensures that the standard, edibleness and therefore the alimental price of the food remains intact. Preservation involves preventing the expansion of microorganism, fungi and other microorganisms as well as retarding oxidation of fats to reduce rancidity. The process additionally ensures that there's no discoloration or aging. Preservation also involves sealing to prevent re-entry of microbes.

Track-9: Food Engineering

Food engineering applies the engineering principles to the storage, processing, and distribution of food materials and their bio-products. It helps in providing technical knowledge for cost-effective production and commercialization techniques to industries. The major concern in Food engineering is energy conservation, waste management and minimizing environmental hazards.


Track-10: Engineered Microbes

The application of contemporary biotechnology to food production presents new opportunities and challenges for human health and development. Recombinant sequence technology, the foremost well-known trendy biotechnology, permits plants, animals and microorganisms to be genetically changed genetically engineered microbes with novel traits on the far side what's potential through ancient breeding and selection technologies.

Track-11: Food Biotechnology

Biotechnology incorporates a long history of use in food production and process. For 10 thousand years fermentation, a style of biotechnology has been accustomed to manufacturing wine, brew, and bread. Selective breeding of animals like horses and dogs has been happening for hundreds of years. Selective breeding of essential foods like rice, corn, and wheat have created thousands of native varieties with improved yield compared to their wild ancestors.

Track-12: Food industries

The food trade may be a complicated, world collective of various businesses that provide most of the food consumed by the world's population. Only subsistence farmers, people who survive on what they grow, and hunter-gatherers are thought-about outside the scope of the trendy food trade. The food Industry includes Agriculture and agronomy, Food processing, Industry influence, Regulation, Wholesale and distribution, Retail, Food industry technologies, Marketing, Labour and education.

Track-13: Readymade foods

In up to date times, instant foods will be outlined as foods that give convenience to customers and assists in reducing "the time of preparation/cooking and drudgery", whereby no over 5 minutes of your time is needed from the time of food preparation to the food being consumed. Instant foods embody food product that involves the dissolving of powder in predicament, or the dilution of a targeted stock answer, like happens with condensed soup. The class of "ultra-instant food" includes instant foods that need but one minute of your time to arrange, like instant tea. Some instant foods are prepared using freeze-drying fermentation.

Track-14: Downstream processing

Typical downstream operations involved in the processing of fermentation broth are:

1. Cell separation (settling, centrifugation, dead-end filtration, and cross-flow filtration)

2. Cell disruption (high-pressure homogenization, wet milling, and lysis)

3. Clarification of extract (centrifugation, extraction, dead-end filtration, and cross-flow filtration)

4. Enrichment (precipitation, batch adsorption, ultrafiltration, and partition)

5. High-resolution techniques (ion exchange, affinity, hydrophobic, gel filtration, adsorption chromatography, and electrophoresis)

6. Concentration (sterile filtration, diafiltration, ultrafiltration, freeze drying, spray drying, and precipitation). The downstream processing is an important part of fermentation process development.

Track-15: Modified foods

Genetically modified foods (GM foods) / genetically engineered foods (GE foods) / bioengineered foods are produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. Modified foods have primarily focused on cash crops. Foods made from or victimization gram organisms are usually cited as gram foods.

Track-16: Food supplements/ Dietary/nutritional supplements

These deliver nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Food supplements involve vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other substances delivered in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, liquid, etc. Supplements square measure on the market in an exceedingly vary of doses, and in several mixtures. Only a precise quantity of every nutrient is required for our bodies to operate, and amounts aren't essentially better. At high doses, some substances might have adverse effects and should become harmful. For the rationale of the safety of consumers’ health, supplements will so solely be wrongfully sold-out with associate applicable daily dose recommendation, and a warning statement to not exceed that dose.  

Track-17: Food adulteration

Food Adulteration is the process by which the quality/nature of a given food is decreased through the addition of adulterants or removal of vital substance. Food adulterants discuss with the foreign and frequently inferior chemical substance gift in food that causes damage or is unwanted within the food. During food adulteration, small quantities of non-nutritious substances are added intentionally to improve the appearance, texture or storage properties of the food. Food adulteration is sort of common within the developing countries.

Track-18: Food destinations

Food is powerful. It is an essential part of life and community. We make food a priority during our travels, in order to experience the culture, learn about the people, and immerse ourselves in what makes this place unique. When it comes to foodie destinations, the best ones have irresistible food that’s you can’t find anywhere else. There are lot of food destinations all over the country. So, explore more healthy food which satisfies your taste buds.

Track-19: Shelf life

Shelf-life is the length of time a food can be kept understated storage conditions while maintaining its optimum safety and quality. The shelf life of food begins from the time the food is factory-made and depends on several factors like its producing method. The aim of shelf-life is to assist shoppers to create safe and educated use of foods. Consumers should follow manufacturers’ directions on storage, particularly temperature and use of the product after opening. It is conjointly suggested that customers think about shelf-life data once buying foods to avoid spare garbage.

Track-20: Food waste

Food waste is that the food that's discarded or leftover. In any case, correct definitions area unit threatening systematically delineated on a situational start. Proficient bodies, together with overall affiliations, state governments, and secretariats could use their own specific definitions. It is troublesome to treat or reprocess since it contains irregular measures of metal salt and dankness and is mixed with alternative waste within the inside of amassing. It is an important state of affairs to cut back the food wastage and build it out there to the unavailable before spoilage. Hence food use is important to resolve this issue.

Track-21: Food processing

Food process is that the conversion of the raw ingredients into an expendable product mistreatment physical, chemical, and biological means that to extend its flavor, period and for the higher wholesome price. Many food-based mostly industries square measure concerned in the process of the food. Food process includes refined, macerating, phase change, pasteurization, pickling, canning, and packaging. Processed foods are very common these days and they are quite in higher demands.

Track-22: Food pharmacy

This is about gut flora, good bacteria, scientific research, and anti-inflammatory food. It’s a prescription for anyone who wishes to eat their way to a healthier life. It’s impossible to overdose on this course of treatment. Probiotics are mostly recommended to treat gut and intestinal disorders.

Track-23: Food Safety and Hygiene

 Food safety describes the handling, preparation, and storage of food preventing it from foodborne diseases. Food safety conjointly includes the standard of the food being made. Quality standards got to be achieved to form it an improved product. It includes a variety of routines that ought to be followed to avoid health hazards. It protects consumers from various ill effects.

Track-24: Fermentation

 Fermentation of food is that the method of changing carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids exploitation microorganisms (yeasts or bacteria) underneath anaerobic conditions. Fermentation typically implies that the action of microorganisms is desired. The science of fermentation is thought as zymology or biochemistry. The term fermentation typically refers specifically to the chemical conversion of sugars into alcohol, manufacturing alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, and cider. However, similar processes occur within the leavening of bread (CO2 made by yeast activity), and within the preservation of bitter foods with the assembly of carboxylic acids, such as in sauerkraut and yogurt. Other wide consumed hard foods embrace vinegar, olives, and cheese. More localized foods ready by fermentation may additionally be supported beans, grain, vegetables, fruit, honey, dairy farm product, fish, meat, or tea.

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